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MAGIX Music Maker MX Premium v18
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Download:MAGIXMusic Maker MX
Small Description:music creation
MAGIXis famous for producing powerful music creation software that can beused by beginners and advanced musicians, and even non-musicians, alike.Anyone who has used previous versions of Music Maker will be aware ofhow the program works. Rather than requiring you to start completelyfrom scratch when it comes to music creation, you are instead providedwith a series of building blocks that can be pieced together to createmusic of any style.

If you want to getcreative, but simply dont know where to start, or dont have access toinstruments of your own, there are more than 1,500 loops and samplesto choose from in the app - if this isnt enough, head to the onlinesound archive where youll find an additional 2,000 sounds. The programalso includes Lead Synth that can be used to create melodies, but theeffects and filter can also be used to create all manner of interestingsounds. Theres also a drum machine on hand to help you create theperfect backbeat, while the Loop Designer enable you to create your ownloops rather than relying on premade samples.

You are notlimited to working with sounds that are included with the program orhave been created by other people and made available online. MAGIXMusic Maker also gives you the option of working with real instruments,or plugging in a microphone to record vocal tracks. Used a recordingstudio in this way, you can turn to MAGIX Music Maker to record and usesamples played on your own instruments, or you can record entireinstrumental tracks and them add special effects and other samples.

The latest generation of music creation software from MAGIX includes acloud component that can be used to make your music creations availableonline. You can store projects in secure online space so you canaccess and edit them from any computer with an internet connection, andyou also have the option of sharing creations online through the likesof YouTube and Facebook. The new range of MX (or Media-X-change) titlealso makes it easier to share data between applications - create apiece of music in Music Maker MX and it can be shared to other MAGIXapps.

This Premium edition of Music Maker MX (v1 includesmore than 2,000 additional sounds and loops as well as impressivelyrealistic guitar sounds and an electric bass instrument. While thestandard version of the software allows for up to 64 tracks in aproject, the Premium edition allows for up to 96. There are also anumber of additional features including an analog compressor andsynthesiser, a copy of Music Editor 3 that can be used to edit samples,and the ability to mix your tracks in 5.1 surround sound.
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De Toate pentru Toti » De ToaTe pentru ToTi !! » Programe P.C » MAGIX Music Maker MX Premium v18
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